How to choose the right mattress: reviews

Mattresses made of natural materials, such as mountain brown, pure latex mats, are green and environmentally friendly, but their cost is high. Many counterfeiters often use polyurethane compounds or plastic foam mats with excessive formaldehyde content to pretend to be natural mattresses. Looking at the quality of a mattress, the most intuitive, and visually observable is the fabric on the surface. The high-quality fabric feels comfortable and flat, with no obvious wrinkles and no jumpers. Best mattress reviewslets you face the situation that circulates in your mind while buying the right one for your family.

In fact, the problem of excessive formaldehyde in the mattress is often derived from the fabric of the mattress. The quality of the mattress depends mainly on its internal materials and fillers, so observe the inherent quality of the mattress.

Latex mattress

It is made of polyurethane compound and can also be called PU foam mattress. This latex mattress has high tenderness and strong water absorption. The contact area of ​​the latex mattress is much higher than that of the ordinary mattress. It can disperse the weight of the human body evenly, achieve full support, and has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture.

Palm mattress

This is made of palm fiber. The general texture is hard, or slightly soft in the hard. Palm fibers are thicker, longer, tougher, and stronger. Palm has a moderate hardness, which is between the hard bed and the spring pad and is particularly flexible.

Spring mattress

It is a very common mattress, the performance is better, this mattress is a rear mattress, and the core is composed of springs. The spring mattress has good elasticity and strong air permeability, and the colleague can also be durable and bear strong. The spring mattress is a spring with a relatively large wire diameter, which is fixed by a steel wire, has a high hardness, and is hard to sleep.

Air mattress

It is a skin made of a PVC material, inflated to ensure the use of the mattress. The air mattress has good flexibility and elasticity, and the air mattress is not easy to be deformed, and it is very comfortable to sleep. It has good bearing capacity and is durable. At the same time, the most important point is that it is very convenient to carry.